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Our Unique Vision

Riverfront Family Church was launched in 2008 under the leadership and vision of Rev. Nancy Butler, along with a small core team. Affiliated with the American Baptist Churches, RFC is a progessive, inclusive evangelical church serving the central Connecticut area.


Riverfront Family Church is a small church with a big vision:


1. We are the only inclusive evangelical church in New England (that we know of!).


By inclusive, we mean that we do not discriminate on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, or other external characteristics. We are interested in the big, underlying principles and Living Word found in Scripture.


By evangelical, we mean that we affirm the historic Christian faith and we believe Jesus calls us to make following Him our #1 priority. To do this, we encourage daily personal prayer and Bible Study, a weekly fellowship group, and generous giving.  These strong relationships lead to passion in our music and artistic expression on Sunday mornings.


It is our prayer to be part of a greater global movement of renewal and reform in the Church. 


2. Our mission starts with children and teens.  


While we are eager to make disciples of all age groups, by starting with our children and teens, our adults also grow deeper in their own faith.  Familytime, Spirit Clubs, and Discipleship Huddles are the primary ways we grow the seed of faith in our young people.


3. We believe that God still changes lives.


We believe that every person is created in the image of God and therefore has infinite worth in the eyes of God. We also believe that God, as revealed in the Holy Trinity, continues to speak, work and move amongst His people. While following Jesus is no guarrantee of health, wealth and prosperity, we believe that is still in the changing lives business -- providing hope, inner healing, relational reconciliation, guidance, wisdom and joy to those who follow Him. 


We say this Common Purpose at the end of each worship service:


Now let us go forth into the world full of faith in a God who loves us all,

following Jesus our Lord,

striving towards good,

loving one another,

rejoicing in God’s Presence,

and using our gifts to make earth more like heaven. 

Core Values

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9:30 AM FamilyTime Service

10:30 AM Gathering Service



The 224 Ecospace

224 Farmington Ave

Hartford, CT 06105



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