Core Values

Riverfront is founded on these core values:

1) Authority

Jesus is our Guide to the very heart of God and the Head of the Church. We trust His words; we apply the priorities of Scripture as He explained them; we listen to the Holy Spirit; and we learn from good role models.


2) Unconditional Acceptance

Nobody's perfect. We love everyone who comes through our doors just the way they are. When they are ready, we place their hand in Jesus' hand.


3) Spiritual Practices

You get out of it what you put into it. We encourage: personal prayer and Bible study, fellowship, worship, and service. God uses these practices to shower us with many spiritual gifts for life's journey.


4) Extroverted

We're takin' it to the streets! We believe many people are just waiting for an invitation. Marketing is not unspiritual; it makes the Church visible.


5) Modern Language

We translate God's Word into our sub-culture so everyone can understand it. We do whatever it takes to make God understandable to children of differing abilities.


6) Non-Discrimination

Spiritual maturity and giftedness determine where a member serves, not gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, ethnicity, social status, or race.


7) Interfaith Relations

As Jesus put it, "whoever does God's will is my brother and my sister." Exploring the differences can deepen your faith.


8) Small Group Structure

We are family.


9) Serving People in Need

A test of a society's strength is how it treat's its weakest members; strong members gladly help those who lack the resources to help themselves. We also enjoy giving generously to our community and our world.


10) Social Activism

We teach our members how to influence our government without taking and policy positions or endorsing candidates.


11) Fun

And we have all kinds of fun doing this!


9:30 AM FamilyTime Service

10:30 AM Gathering Service



The 224 Ecospace

224 Farmington Ave

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