What to Expect on Sunday...

CASUAL ATMOSPHERE. We are a "come as you are" church. No need for "Sunday best", just come as you are. 


CONTEMPORARY MUSIC. Our service includes a contemporary worship band and we sing lots of different kinds of music, ranging from classic hymns to gospel to contemporary worship.


RELEVANT TEACHING. Our sermons always come from the Bible and also focus on relevant application to your life. We believe in team teaching and have a Preaching Team that includes both pastora staff and lay preachers. We think hearing from different people is really helpful.


DYNAMIC COMMUNITY. Our services aren't monologues. but dynamic dialogues. During each service, there is an opportunity for people to share how they relate to the message, how God has been present in their lives over the previous week, or perhaps a word of encouragement for the congregation. There is also opportunities to share preayer requests, be prayed for, etc.


DIVERSE PEOPLE. When we say all are welcomed, we mean it. We are a diverse group of both spiritual seekers and believers. We are an explicitly egalitarian church, which means all are welcome to fully participate in the life of the church regardless of race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, sexual orientation or gender identity,


WHO'S IN CHARGE AROUND HERE? We take seriously the idea that every member and believer is also a minister, so you will see volunteers and lay people leading in every area of the church. We do have a Board of Directors who take care of behind the scenes kinds of things; we also have a three co-Lead Pastors (did we mention we like teams?). Feel free to seek out any of our pastors with any additional questions. Click here for their pictures and contact info.




  • Our service runs about 75 minutes, but we aren't really clock-watchers. If we are running late and you need to go, no worries!
  • We have a special multi-generaltional service called FamilyTime that meets during he school year at 9:30 AM. Our regular Gathering Service meets at 10:30 AM.  
  • We regularly meet at the Riverfront Community Center, 300 Welles Street, Glastonbury. There is plenty of parking at the building is fully accessible. During the summer, we tend to meet outside; sometimes we relocate for a week if the building is not available. We always list any changes on the front page of our website.
  • We have KidsCreek (our version of Sunday School) available for students through elemntary school each Sunday. Students stay in the service for worship/music and then are dismissed.
  • We also have NURSERY CARE for babies and toddlers. You can check-in your child before the service and then pick them up after the service ends. (And in case you are wondering, all staff and volunteers working with children are background checked.)
  • CHILDREN are always welcomed in the regular service. So if your child doesn't want to go to nursery or KidsCreek, no problem!  





9:30 AM FamilyTime Service

10:30 AM Gathering Service



The 224 Ecospace

224 Farmington Ave

Hartford, CT 06105



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