Familytime FAQs

Do the children stay with their parents the entire time?
Yes!  That’s what makes Familytime unique: parents and children learn together. This gives you an opportunity to discuss and apply the lesson all week long.
Can my child be a kiddancer?
Yes! Even newcomers are welcome to jump on stage and dance to the worship music. Most children say this is their favorite part of the service.  Kiddance rehearsal time is 9:10 – 9:25am.
Do you think Familytime will appeal to my special needs son or daughter?
We have a large percentage of special needs children, probably because Familytime gives children the freedom to move around and is highly entertaining.  On the other hand, Familytime is a high energy service, which could be over-stimulating for some. Our Associate Pastor was formerly a Special Education teacher; she enjoys working with each child to find unique ways for him/her to experience God.
Can my child participate in the children’s choir?
If s/he is in Kindergarten or older, yes!  The children’s choir rehearses once per month before the service, 8:30 – 9:30am.
Do you have a nursery for infants?
Most parents keep their infants with them during Familytime. Even babies enjoy the music, dancing, and images. However, we do have a dedicated Nursery Director during the Gathering service if you would like to arrange for nursery care during Familytime too.
How long is the service?
45 minutes
What denomination are you?
We are a non-traditional American Baptist Church and founding member of TAIEC (The Association of Inclusive Evangelical Churches).
What if I am Roman Catholic?
Most of our members were raised Roman Catholic.  Some participate exclusively in Riverfront, while others attend both Familytime and CCD / mass.
What if I am not a Christian?
Familytime teaches 36 virtues common to all humans (one per month, 3-year calendar).  People of any background or belief are most welcome to attend and join our community. We participate in interfaith dialogue and learning. However, our spiritual leaders (board, huddle leaders, pastors) are intentional followers of Jesus.


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