Next Steps

Our hope is to help you to your NEXT STEP in your relationship with God, whatever that may be.


At RFC, we constantly encourage each other to answer two foundational questions: (1) What is God saying to you; and (2) how are you responding?


While following Jesus is never a cookie-cutter or formulaic experience, we have discovered some important tools that can help you to your NEXT STEP:


SUNDAY WORSHIP. God shows up every Sunday in remarkable ways! As we expplore the scriptures, worship Him in song, share with each other and pray with each other, we are transformed. Frankly, making a priority out of regular weekly Sunday attendance is a great way to continue growing as you seek after God.


SERVING SOMEWHERE SIGNIFICANT. Serving others (which we call "ministry") is important in our spiritual growth and development. Whether volunteering as part of the Sunday set-up crew or Hospitlaity team, or teaching with children or helping in the church office, these are all great serving opportunities. There are also great opportunities to serve with some of our Mission Partners, including MACC Charities. We also offer a quarterly SHAPE class to help you discover your spiritual gifts and unique shape for ministry. A great next step is to sign up for the next available SHAPE class!


CONNECTING WITH SPIRITUAL FRIENDS. Whether in a small group Bible study, as part of one of our Leadership Development Huddles, as part of a ministry team or simply an informal weekly gathering for coffee, play group or beers, all of these are important opportunities to develop spiritual friendships, which are critical to spiritual growth.


BIBLE READING & PRAYER. Of all the spiritual practices in the world, none are more important and impactful than regular time spent reading the scriptures and praying. A daily time set aside to listen to and talk to God is really one of your best NEXT STEPS.


MEMBERSHIP. When you become a member at RFC, you are committing to investing in the life of our community and the communities we serve. As members, we lead together, encourage each other, and reach out to serve our community. We also financially support the ministry and work together, using our gifts to make Earth more like Heaven. We offer an RFC MEMBERSHIP CLASS quarterly, so sign up for the next available class.






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