At RFC, our general practice is to dedicate infants to God, and baptize older children and adults who have made their own decision to follow Jesus. Confirmation is for people who were baptized previously and now want to "confirm their baptism" as a teenager or adult. Reaffirmation is an opportunity for anyone who had already decided to follow Jesus to publicly reaffirm that decison.


What Is the Meaning of Baptism?

Baptism is like a wedding ring – it´s the outward symbol of the commitment you make in your heart. Baptism is a way of telling God and the world you are serious about following Jesus.


When Should Children Be Baptized?

At RFC, we wait until our children are old enough to believe and understand what they are doing. One of our pastors is happy to meet with your child if you are unsure.



Is Baptism/Confirmation/Reaffirmation Your Next Step?